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  • Tongue Tie Clinic 23rd May 2021

    Maxillofacial Consultant Surgeon appointments available

  • Reception is OPEN 01463 226470

    COVID-19 Safety. We have installed a State of the Art extraction CLEAN AIR filtration system which purifies air particles for patient safety

  • Migraine Clinics

    Ultrasound Diagnosis and Pain Management Clinics

  • TMJ Disorder Clinics (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Clinics)

    TMD and TMJ Clinics. Jaw pain is a painful condition often causing severe headaches and teeth pain. Diagnosis can only be made via a Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon who specialises in the head and neck. Management can be effective and life changing....

All bookings are made via Reception 01463 226470 or can be made using the online link below.....

January 2021 new COVID Restrictions. We remain open for Medical Services and clinics under the care of a DOCTOR. 

Medical Services are still running. If you require:

Tongue Tie Clinic

TMJ Clinic, TMD Temporomandibular Joint Pain Clinic 

Migraine Clinic (Toxin Clinic)

Cortisol Injection Clinic

Suture Removal

Biopsy Service 

Urgent Dermatological Diagnosis or Referral 

Maxillofacial Services

Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic

Cancer Screening Service

or  you already have an appointment booked, your appointment is still able to take place. 

Travel restrictions are in place and you must check whether you are able to travel to and from the clinic. If you're unsure please send an email.


Due to the current climate staffing in the building remains limited. 

To protect staff and patients the following COVID-19 safety restrictions are in place:

Attending an appointment:

Please arrive at the clinic for your allotted appointment time.

Please phone the contact number on the door and wait outside until a member of staff comes to collect you.

You should be wearing a mask.

On entering the building, you will be directed to the bathroom to wash your hands thoroughly and apply hand sanitiser.

You will be accompanied to the surgery. Should any paperwork require completion or updating you will be asked to complete it AFTER you have completed hand hygiene.

Staff are required to wear specialist masks (FFP2 and FFP3) and a plastic apron whilst treating you. You are safe to remove your mask whilst being treated.

Please try to refrain from touching any surfaces that cannot be cleaned.

We have installed an air filtration system, in the treatment room, for staff and patient safety. This does not replace the need for staff wearing masks but enables the patient to remove theirs in a safe and clean environment.

A one-way system is in place. Please arrive at the side door and leave through the front door. Should no one answer the telephone or door, please be patient, and wait in your car. We will know that you are waiting.

If you cannot attend the appointment you MUST contact the clinic

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 you are obliged to inform the clinic to provide ‘Track and Trace’ precautions to take place.


DO NOT attend the surgery if you start to display any COVID-19 symptoms.


If you subsequently become unwell within 14 days of attending the clinic you are required to inform the clinic.

Tongue Tie and Tongue Division Clinics are running. 

What our clients say...

"I have had my first session of laser and I can't believe the difference 24 hours has made. The amount my spots have reduced is incredible. Wish I thought of doing some laser sooner. Pauline made it so much better as she was so detailed in what the treatment was going to be like. Highly recommend to anyone with bad skin to come to get it. Amazing." 

Naomi's – Acne Laser Facial Review

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