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  • Revolution in Cryo-Aesthetics

    Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) cools a targeted area of the body to 4 degrees C using Carbon Dioxide to stimulate a natural body response. This is called Thermal Shock and causes death of the fat cell

  • Allergan Registered Practice (consultations may involve discussions around muscle relaxation)

    HIS (Healthcare Improvement Scotland) Registered. Fully Registered Practitioners educated in Facial Anatomy. Provided in a safe and clinically registered environment. The best in the business

  • Hair Removal - PAIN FREE with Motus AY Lynton

    Motus AY The World's first true Alexandrite Pain Free Laser Hair Removal System. INTRODUCTORY HALF PRICE OFFER...

  • Silhouette Threads

    A surgeon led procedure due to the complex nature of facial anatomy. Design, construction of patterns and assessment for which length of thread is appropriate..4, 6, 8, 12 16 cones have different purposes and it is important to understand the associated facial appearance... look after your skin!

  • Profhilo

    Get your inner glow on.....Literally! Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid injections for increasing collagen, hydration and radiance. WINNER of Product Innovation of the year 2016. ONLY registered Doctors can access PROFHILO.

Located in Inverness City Centre our full time clinic offers Surgical and Non Surgical aesthetic treatments, Dermatological Assessment and Surgery, and a full range of specialist & advanced LASER and aesthetic technologies in the Highlands and Islands. 

This is the ONLY Surgeon Led Aesthetics Clinic in the North of Scotland.We continue to offer the highest, safest standards with the most experienced practitioners in Inverness. 

Fully regulated and annually inspected by HIS (Health Improvement Scotland), our products are genuine, fully researched and evidenced to offer the safest and highest clinical standards. Our partner companies are the most established and reliable in the aesthetics industry; Allergan, Juvederm, AesthetiCare, Lynton, Cynosure, Edermastamp, Dr PRP (platelet rich plasma) and TruCryo, and coming online is Profhilo. 

From subtle lip fillers to advanced surgical skin re-sections, from Botox for migraines to Jaw Clenching from LASER to Resurfacing, we have the experience to manage it all, and manage it all very well.

1.  Aesthetic Treatments. A selection of treatments include;

Muscle relaxation (discussed on Consultation),  Juvederm and Teosyl Hyaluronic Acid Fillers,  Profhilo Collagen Stimulation and 8 Point Face Lift

Mesotherapy,  Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRP),  Microneedling,  Growth Factor Facials,  Chemical Peels and  Dermaplaning

Scarring Acne, Keloid and Hypertrophic

Stretch Mark Treatment,  Radio Frequency combined with Co2,  Carbon Dioxide Facials , Pigment Laser 532nm, Tattoo Removal and Skin Resurfacing

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

2.  SURGICAL Treatments. A selection of treatments include;

Surgical Nips and Tucks, Surgical ’S’ Lift, Surgical ‘W’ Lift, Neck lift

Ear Lobe Reconstruction

Silhouette Threads

Scar Revision and Subcision


3.  LASER Treatments. A selection of treatments include;

Hair Removal, Fractional LASER, Ablative and Non Ablative Resurfacing, Co2 Carbon Dioxide Laser (SmartXide Touch)

Veins, Pigmentation, Freckle Removal and Scarring: Keloid, Hypertrophic & Acne 

4.  Diagnosis and Dermatology. A selection of treatments include:

Lipoma, Mole, Cyst Removal 

Xanthelasma, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Seborrheic Keratosis, Actinic Keratosis, Nevus, Cherry Angioma

Acne and Rosacea

Warts and Verruca

What our clients say...

Had my consultation today with Pauline, very professional and very informative. Will be returning for treatment. Would highly recommend...


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