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Owner and Clinical Practitioner

Pauline is a dual qualified practitioner holding degrees in both dentistry and dermatology; Oral Health Sciences (BSc) and a first class degree in Dermatological Clinical Diagnosis and Practice (BSc). She is an Honorary Lecturer; UHI and has just commenced an MSc in Medical Imaging to include diagnosis in Ultrasound Scanning, CT Tomography and MRI imaging with Aberdeen Medical School.

Pauline holds postgraduate qualifications in advanced facial aesthetics and specialist training in the application of dermatological lasers.

" from personal experience waiting for hospital appointments for; consultation, biopsy, diagnosis and treatment can be the most torturous experience for an individual; as well as the whole family. Being worried about a heath concern is truly an awful thing." 

The ‘Laser and Skin Clinic’ offers people the opportunity to access private Dermatological and Maxillofacial Consultation Services. This means that the clinic can offer quick and flexible appointments for peace of mind. These services are invaluable and provide the unique opportunity for patients to discuss their health concerns with highly educated and respected Specialists. We spend time listening, explaining and helping patients to understand what outcomes are achievable.

We have established direct links to access blood results, scans and biopsy services / results at the local NHS Hospital.

We boast some of the best equipment for diagnosis and treatment. We have dermoscopy imaging, Ultrasound Scanners both handheld and mobile units.. For treatment we have the latest and most sought after SmartXide Carbon Dioxide ablative and non ablative LASERS with both surgical and rejuvenate capabilities.  LASERS; 1064nm, 532nm, 755nm (Alexandrite), 1540nm (Fractional), 650nm, 10,600nm (Carbon Dioxide) Q Switched and Long Wave. 

LASER specifically for Vascular Conditions, Pigmented Lesions, Rosacea and Acne, Ablative Dermatological Surgery, Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Hair Removal, Scarring and Skin Tightening to name just a few.

Our hair removal LASER is state of the art. It is the first and ONLY pain free LASER in the North of Scotland. The MOTUS aY allows us to treat standard hair growth patterns easily, but also manage conditions such as PCOS and other medical conditions without ANY discomfort experienced by the patients, with excellent results. Simply put, patients complete the treatment because it is pleasant to experience, works, and is FAST. Simple.

Because of our combined qualifications the clinic provides facial aesthetics, both surgical and non surgical. Mr Grime is a dentist, a doctor and a Consultant Reconstructive Surgeon; giving us the ability to offer treatments from small, simple but effective treatments to Silhouette Threads to advanced surgery with nips and tucks designed by him, for you. All exceptionally effective used in the right person. We utilise techniques such as Radio Frequency with or without combination LASER; injectable skin moisturisers (Profhilo), to the standard toxins and fillers (Allergan, Juvederm, Boletero, Teosyl) BUT we provide much more of an individualised portfolio... My aesthetic eye combined with Peter's surgical and anatomical expert opinion allow us to identify the best techniques to maximise YOUR facial aesthetic, that IS the skill! It's our opinion and design, combined with our abilities and understanding of ALL the available treatment options that makes us so sought after...my approach is always;  'If I had your face, with all my knowledge and skill, what would I do...'  

Ultrasound scanners are used to diagnose everything from muscle tension and strain, ligament tears and to perform guided injections using steroids or PRP Plasma. We treat everything from tennis elbow to jaw pain because we can DIAGNOSE the problem using Ultrasound. We design a rehabilitation package tailored to you based on your scan results.

We can scan for filling materials (eg, Juvederm, Restlyane, Boletero etc ) which have migrated, now causing a problem or placed incorrectly, we can place fillers under Ultrasound for maximum safety to patients...

The possibilities are endless....

From simple, revitalising treatments to relatively complex surgical management of ‘moles’, lumps and bumps, scarring and facial palsy, all treatments are provided in a regulated and inspected clinic, with patient safety and educated professionals as standard.

Anything is possible at the Laser and Skin Clinic…..

What our clients say...

Had my consultation today with Pauline, very professional and very informative. Will be returning for treatment. Would highly recommend...


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