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Clinic Msk

Clinic Msk

A centre for the management of problems associated with movement and function due to injury; pain; diseases of muscles, bones and joints; other medical conditions; excess weight. 

We cater for all ages, athletes and non-athletes. An experienced; well educated multidisciplinary team is here to provide help and support. A Sports Injury Medicine Doctor, a Strength and Conditioning PT and Coach and a long establish Sports Therapist.

Alter G Treadmill:

For supported, weight bearing exercise helping those recovering from lower limb injury or surgery; those who struggle to exercise because of pain or excess weight; individuals with medical problems needing graded increased levels of heart and breathing fitness.

Physical assessment of function:

Key movements essential for daily function; movements necessary for exercise or sports specific skills; programmes to make the best of what you have or develop new skills.

Ultrasound scan assisted clinical assessments of pain and injury. 

Ultrasound guided injections to aid healing and provide pain relief: 

  1. Steroid (Cortisone) for arthritis
  2. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for Tennis Elbow or Golf Elbow
  3. Hyaluronic Acid (Durolane, Synvisc, Ostenil) mainly for Arthritis
  4. Local Anaesthetic Diagnostic Injections (determine the source of pain, identification and management)
  5. Hydro dilatation (Frozen Shoulder) 
  6. High Volume Saline Stripping (achilleas tendinopathy)
  7. Joint aspiration
  8. Cyst aspiration
  9. Bursa injections for shoulder expansion
  10. Prolotherapy
  11. Shockwave Therapy under Ultrasound

 Promotion of healing and pain relief; Physical therapies:

  1. InterX Sensory and Motor Electrical Stimulation, good for acute pain and post stroke  
  2. COMPEX pain relief and muscle stimulation
  3. Cryotherapy pain relief
  4. Shockwave Therapy

What our clients say...

Had my consultation today with Pauline, very professional and very informative. Will be returning for treatment. Would highly recommend...


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