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Prolotherapy is a therapy used to treat joint and muscle pain. It is sometimes called regenerative injection therapy or proliferation therapy.‌ Prolotherapy involves injecting a sugar or saline substance into your sore joint or muscle, where it acts as an irritant; it is used to treat ligaments that have become loosened or stretched from overuse or injury.

Ligaments provide stability to joints and if they become loose the joint can become unstable and painful. Prolotherapy is appropriate for low back pain, knee, shoulder and ankle. Prolotherapy injections are carried out using ultrasound imagines to guide the needle for enhanced safety, accuracy and effectiveness. Prolotherapy is a course of 3 injections intervals of between one and three weeks. A second course can be used if there is a significant but incomplete effect from the first.

Prolotherapy works by stimulating the body to make new fibres which are laid down within the substance of the ligaments , thickening and strengthrening them. the solution used contains dextrose (sugar), lidocaine (local anaesthetic)and sterile water. A small amount is injected into each end of the ligament close to its attachment to the bone. The solution initially provokes inflammation, attracting the cells that make collagen fibres to that area. Over the ensuing weeks, the fibres are incorporated into the existing ligament. Each ligament must be injected 3 times, at an interval of one week, in order to produce sound fibrous development. Hence 3 injections are given as a course of treatment. The interval can be up to three weeks apart.

Prolotherapy does NOT create scar tissue but thicker , healthier collagen fibrin the lax ligaments. Injections are commonly given in the lumbar region, thoracic and cervical spine. They are also helpful in the ankle and shoulder region. The use of prolotherapy reduces the risk of recurrence and helps people return to activities faster.

Is prolotherapy effective? Studies suggest a success rate (greater than 50%improvement in pain level) of 80%-90%of all patients.

Is prolotherapy the same as a CORTISOL injection? CORTISOL can cause tendon rupture, particularly of the Achilles Tendon. Prolotherapy is a proven orthopedic treatment to reduce pain and strengthen weakened joints without the negative side effects.


  • Single Injection – 450.00
  • Course of 3 Injections – 1050.00

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"I have had my first session of laser and I can't believe the difference 24 hours has made. The amount my spots have reduced is incredible. Wish I thought of doing some laser sooner. Pauline made it so much better as she was so detailed in what the treatment was going to be like. Highly recommend to anyone with bad skin to come to get it. Amazing." 

Naomi's – Acne Laser Facial Review

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