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‘Ultrasound’ is a painless, non-invasive medical tool that is used to supplement physical examination.  Sound-waves are passed into the body-part to be assessed from a small, hand held device connected to a computer; some of the sound waves are absorbed and some are ‘reflected back’ to the device according to the nature of the structures the sound beam encounters during passage.  The reflected waves are computer assessed and turned into a dynamic black and white picture representing the structures encountered by the sound beam.  The operator is highly skilled in the interpretation of the pictures and will often be the clinician who carries out the physical examination.   Unlike CT or MRI scans, Ultrasound can be used to assess the way in which structures behave during movement; particularly useful to provide supplemental information regarding the underlying condition of muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments.  Ultrasound does not replace careful physical assessments but it may often help to determine the cause of pain and reduced function.  Because ‘sound’ is the only energy used to produce the picture there are no known ‘after effects’ of this simple diagnostic process and it is regarded as a completely harmless technique. You may well have encountered Ultrasound being used to assess ‘the baby in the womb’ during pregnancy.


As well as being used to help determine the cause of pain in muscles and joints, Ultrasound can be used to accurately guide needles into the correct position for injections of ‘pain relieving medicines’ and other treatments to help muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments heal following injury or illness.  You may have heard of ‘steroid injections’ for arthritis; PRP injections for muscle or tendon injury; the injection of ‘lubricants’ into stiff joints (hyaluronic acid) to aid movement; the use of concentrated sugar injections to treat ligament injuries. Needles can be used to ‘draw off’ infected fluids; remove excess fluid from joints to improve range of movement; to get rid of calcifications in tendons; to manage painful ‘bursae’ (collections of fluid related to tendons and muscles that can be inflamed and painful; occasional seen over the kneecap, behind the knee or behind the elbow); to aid the healing of inflamed tendons (‘dry needling’).  


Ultrasound guided injections and interventions are not confined to the management of elite athletes following injury.  There are many who are affected by medical conditions and those who injure themselves during the course of their daily lives.  The process can be simple and effective, bringing pain relief with improved function.  Not all treatments will last indefinitely and will need to be repeated at regular (sometimes several months) intervals; some results will be disappointing, failing to produce the relief that is expected however, risks are small and potential gains significant. 

Please contact us for further information or to arrange an appointment should you wish to explore how we might help to relieve your pain and improve your function.   

Conditions that can be helped by ultrasound guided injections or interventions: 

For example:  Tennis elbow; Golfer’s elbow; Plantar Fasciitis; TMD (jaw pain) Joint pain; 

injuries to ligaments and tendons (for example Knee / Ankle / Shoulder / Hip); 

muscle tears.

Ultrasound Scans

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan Only – 100.00
  • Consultation and Scanning with MSK Dr. – 200.00

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