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Electrosurgery for Dermatological Skin Surgery

The Hyfrecator 2000 can destroy a variety of benign skin lesions, including the most delicate of facial lesions as well as the thickest scaling lesions of the trunk. 

Some applications would lnclude:

  1. Acrochordon (Skin Tags)
  2. Actinic Keratosis (brown sun damage and age spots)
  3. Adenoma Sebaceous
  4. Angiokeratoma
  5. Angiomas, Capillary
  6. Angiomas Cavernous
  7. Angiomas, Spider 
  8. Venereal Warts
  9. Fibroma
  10. Keratoacanthoma
  11. Lymphangioma
  12. Molluscum Contagiosum
  13. Pyogenic Granuloma
  14. Sebaceous Papules
  15. Syringomas
  16. Warts 

It can also be used to treat some malignant conditions, under medical direction including,

  1. Basal Cell Carcinoma
  2. Bowens Disease
  3. Bowenoid Papulosis
  4. Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Can also be used for Dental and Oral Surgery.....

What our clients say...

"I have had my first session of laser and I can't believe the difference 24 hours has made. The amount my spots have reduced is incredible. Wish I thought of doing some laser sooner. Pauline made it so much better as she was so detailed in what the treatment was going to be like. Highly recommend to anyone with bad skin to come to get it. Amazing." 

Naomi's – Acne Laser Facial Review

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