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Skin Cancer Screening

Diagnosis is crucial. Whatever you are concerned about, the first stage is that we examine; through a dermascope (a special skin microscope) to determine the 'differential' diagnosis of any lesion (lump or bump). A 'definitive' diagnosis can be sought via a biopsy or sample taken for analysis at the laboratory.

There is often no need for biopsies or samples, diagnosis can be done via the qualified practitioner. Very few people can diagnose skin conditions, particularly pigmentated (brown coloured) lesions. The people who can safely diagnose are; your family doctor, GP, or a person with a dermatological qualification. The danger(s) of an inaccurate assessment or incorrect diagnosis can lead to receiving the wrong treatment, potentially destroying a sample/specimen of the lesion, or missing a potentially cancerous skin lesion, however rare.

It is essential that you understand what you are being treated for. Options for treatment are varied once diagnosis has been made:

  • Diathermy
  • Surgical Excision
  • Co2 Ablation 
  • Shave and ablation

Each has pros and cons and the best methods must be discussed at the appointment. 

As the patient, it is your right to have all the information regarding removal of a skin lesion and all the options for doing so, even if the clinic does NOT provide the treatment itself. Fortunately, here at Laser and Skin we have all the necessary state of the art equipment for diagnosis and treatment, including the surgeon!

We have a direct referral pathway to the hospital, should onward referral be necessary.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) or Rodent Ulcer

The most common of malignant tumours of the skin; it usually occurs in middle aged or elderly fair-skinned individuals who have worked outdoors most of their lives, or those who have spent a lot of time gardening, fishing, sailing and the likes..

Although mainly due to sun damage, they do not occur, generally, at the sites of maximum sun exposure, i.e. rarely on a bald patch (scalp), lower lip, or the back of the hands. Most occur on the face, some on the trunk and limbs.

There are 3 growth patterns. 

  • Nodular BCC that can start as a small translucent (pearly) papule with obvious blood vessels over the surface, gradually increasing in size. The centre MAY eventually ulcerate and form a surface crust. Growth is VERY slow. Stretch the skin to see a raised rolled edge.
  • Superficial BCC the growth is along the base of the skin and presents more like a scaly plaque, this may become quite large.
  • Morphoeic or infiltrating BCC has fine strands, looking a bit 'scar like'.
  • Pigmented BCC is similar to nodular BCC except for the pigment (colour). 

Diagnosis MUST be made via Biopsy

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

SCC is a tumour of keratin producing cells. They produce keratin on the surface like a Solar Keratosis. They grow more rapidly than a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) however they will both ulcerate as they get bigger. Typical sites are scalp, ears and lower lip.

Diagnosis MUST be made via Biopsy

Prices may vary depending on method of removal and complexity

  • Diagnosis and Assessment with images – 95.00
  • Mole Mapping – 250.00
  • Biopsy – 150.00
  • Referral to Hospital – FOC

What our clients say...

"I have had my first session of laser and I can't believe the difference 24 hours has made. The amount my spots have reduced is incredible. Wish I thought of doing some laser sooner. Pauline made it so much better as she was so detailed in what the treatment was going to be like. Highly recommend to anyone with bad skin to come to get it. Amazing." 

Naomi's – Acne Laser Facial Review

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