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Active Acne and Acne Scarring

Acne is a common disorder of the oil or sebaceous glands, which causes pimples. It occurs when the openings to the oil glands (pores) become blocked, allowing a build up of oil and bacteria, and subsequent inflammation. The clinical features vary from person to person and can include blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and/or nodules or cysts. Acne generally occurs in areas where there is a high concentration of oil glands ie. the face, chest, upper back, shoulders, neck. Although acne is most commonly seen in teenagers, it can affect people of all ages.

Acne can be triggered by hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy or the menstrual cycle. However, acne can also be aggravated by stress, some medications, make-ups or face creams, and other external or environmental factors. Genetics also plays a role, as acne often runs in families. The role of diet has always been controversial but some studies have shown a reduction in acne in patients consuming a low GI (glycaemic index) diet.

Acne Scarring

Acne scarring can cause significant psychological stress for those affected, and effective treatment is a specialised area of Dermatology. As there are many different types of acne scarring, treatment needs to be individualised. Acne scarring can appear as flat marks (which can be red, white or brown), raised or thickened areas, or indented or pitted areas of skin.


Treatment of acne scarring usually involves repeated treatments over a number of months to achieve the best results, and often a combination of therapies are required. Although it is generally not possible to completely eliminate scarring, significant improvement can be achieved.

Non Ablative Laser

Both the Starlux™ Fractional Laser and the RevLite™ laser can be used to improve the appearance of acne scars by remodelling the skin and stimulating new collagen production (the main support structure of skin). 

RevLite™ laser treatment involves the application of a particular light wavelength, which is absorbed by areas of acne scarring. This light, known as PTP (PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse), heats the skin, which has the effect of damaging the tissues just enough to provoke a healing response in the skin. The body’s natural reaction to damage is to repair itself, and it is this response that laser treatments provoke. The laser penetrates the skin and targets the collagen and fibroblasts. The localised thermal damage causes an increase in the production of collagen in an acne depression, which in turn softens the edges and improves the appearance of the scars. The new collagen ‘plumps up’ the atrophic pits in the skin.

Typically a series of 3-8 laser treatments are recommended at regular intervals


Fillers are natural gel products that can be used to improve indented or depressed acne scars. After the application of local anaesthetic cream, they are injected directly underneath scars to fill the hollowed area. Although fillers are not permanent, they generally last months to years, and over time stimulate the production of collagen (one of the support structures in skin) which helps hold the scar in its new position.
Fillers can also be combined with other treatments such as subcision and laser.

Acne Treatment with Laser

  • Acne Laser Facial using Revlite™ – 75.00 per session
  • Acne Fractional Laser Therapy using Starlux™ – 250.00 per session
  • Juvederm fillers – POA
  • Anti Mite Treatment / Injections – POA
  • EDermaStamp Mesotherapy – 250.00

Discount of 20% is applied to multiple sessions, please ask for details

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