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Botulinum Toxins (BOTOX®)

For many years, Doctors have been aware of the Bacterium ‘Clostridium Botulinum’ causing muscle paralysis in patients.  This organism manufactures a protein (toxin) that gets into the blood system  “switching off” muscle fibres which results in reduced strength and movement.   

Injections of small amounts of the purified toxin into specific muscles will produce controlled, temporary reduction in muscle movement without risk to health.  

The toxin is produced in sterile conditions within commercial laboratories by injecting different bacteria with the DNA code for the toxin, collecting and purifying the protein before placing a specific amount into a container for medical use. Trained professionals know just where to inject and how much toxin to give to produce the desired medical effect.  

Botulinum toxin is used to reduce unwanted muscle movements in cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular disorders that produce painful or unwanted muscle spasm; for example, eye surgeons use the toxin to reduce the distress of unwanted eye muscle spasm (blepharospasm);  facial surgeons inject toxin in the jaw closing muscles to reduce facial pain and headache in chronic, stress related jaw clenchers (may reduce migraine type headaches in some sufferers).    

As a consequence of how the toxin works (by blocking nerve signals in specific switches) the toxin will also reduce activity in sweat and saliva (spit) glands. In Dermatological practice (skin) the toxin can be injected into areas of excessive sweating, for example in the armpits (hyperhidrosis).

In facial aesthetic (beauty or cosmetic) practice we use the toxin to reduce activity in the muscles of facial expression that produce an undesirable contribution to the effects of ageing.  By relaxing muscles that produce wrinkles (rhytids) the skin appears smoother when responding during social interaction (smiling, frowning etc).  A general ‘lifting effect’ of the face can be achieved by reducing activity in muscles that tend to pull the face down, for example the platysma muscle in the neck (the ‘Nephrititi’ lift); a ‘brow lift’ by reducing the activity of the  eye squeezing muscle which also opens the eyes leading to a ‘less tired’ look!   By reducing activity in the down pulling muscles of the face and the corner of the mouth, the muscles that lift the mouth and the face are having to work less hard when counteracting the effect of gravity. When started at a relatively younger age (thirties) these ‘antigravity treatments’ slow down the effect of ageing.  Multiple, small volume full face injections of toxin (micro toxin treatment) has the potential to reduce secretions in sweat and sebaceous glands improving skin tone and appearance and can be thought of as an additional treatment to laser and chemical resurfacing, rejuvenating treatments.  

When used as a medical treatment the toxin is very safe, versatile and effective. As with all injections there is a risk of bleeding, bruising and infection.  The injections sting a little on delivery (we can assist if necessary by using topical numbing creams beforehand).  Allergies can occur and in some individuals the injections do not work, particularly if badly delivered in the past. 

The toxin does move away from the injection site and there is always a risk of unwanted change for example, droopy eyelid or disturbed vision.

It should be remembered that the effects of treatment are temporary, lasting between three and six months although individuals vary.  As with all injectable treatments we cannot guarantee a specific result.  We are all different and therefore the pattern and volume of injections necessary to produce the best outcome will vary.  Initial treatments are provided on an experienced educated basis but all patterns are interchangeable.  Patterns are recorded, effects noted and then adjusted accordingly during subsequent treatments.  To get the best results we should wish to treat you over a period of time.

Price Lists

  • One Area – 165.00
  • Two Areas – 220.00
  • Three Areas – 250.00
  • Bunny Lines – 85.00
  • Mouth / Upper Lip – 85.00
  • Additional Areas – 80.00
  • Neck – 275.00
  • Full Face Lift – POA

Prices are approximate. Definitve prices will be given at consultation with a printed estimate

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