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Co2 SmartXide C60 LASER

The big buzz in the dermatology and cosmetic surgery world
The gold standard in reversing the signs of aging skin has been resurfacing with the CO2 laser. Resurfacing is achieved by peeling away a layer of skin while causing tissue contraction and tightening. Although this modality achieves dramatic results, candidates often require sedation and prolonged healing and recovery times. (7-10 days) However, the treatment can be on full face or parts of the face such as just upper lips (smokers lines) or around the eyes (Madonna eyelift)....

SmartXide by Deka Lasers in Italy have now provided us with a CO2 fractional system with a super-fast scanner that can allow us to do a “Dot Resurfacing” of the whole face and neck in 20 minutes. The dot pattern, both in terms of power, spacing and duration can be tailored to your skin-type and degree of damage. It is a versatile and state of the art machine, like no other in the industry.

It is ideal for reducing and reversing the changes from sun-damage, by destroying and “lifting” out abnormal pigment, as well as causing skin tightening from the thermal “insult” to dermal collagen, and stimulating fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin, to give a younger, fresher look to the skin.

Radio Frequency is second to none on this machine and again is adjustable for comfort and speed. This exceptional tightening device works. If you are going to have a treatment that works, then this is the treatment to have, don't waste time with treatments that require multiple sessions for little difference. This machine makes THE difference.

Co2 SmartXide C60 LASER

  • Consultation – 50.00
  • Facials – 250.00-950.00
  • Neck tightening – 375.00-650.00
  • Jowl tightening – 350.00
  • Madonna Eye Lift – 375.00

20% discount is applied to multiple sessions

What our clients say...

Had my consultation today with Pauline, very professional and very informative. Will be returning for treatment. Would highly recommend...


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