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Skin Cancer Screening

The Laser and Skin clinic is here to help you look after your skin, the largest organ in your body. We are here to help with the obvious and the not so obvious.  

Scotland has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in Europe. 

Unfortunately, early skin cancer is difficult to recognise.  We know that the earlier the disease is detected and the smaller the size of the cancer at the time of treatment, the greater the chance of cure.  Screening for skin cancer is very worthwhile.

A comprehensive examination may lead onto a simple biopsy under local anaesthetic. The sample is prepared and looked at under a microscope by a specialist pathology Doctor.  A report giving the diagnosis can be returned within a few days.  If cancer is diagnosed, urgent referral onto a specialist centre (a skin cancer specialist team based in Hospital) for advice, further investigation and treatment will be arranged. The majority of patients referred in this way are seen at the centre within two weeks.

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