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AQUAGOLD fine touch (24 Carat Gold - Because you're worth it!!!)

Aquagold fine touch is for use via professionals only; for licenced injectors, prescribers and medically qualified persons.

Aquagold fine touch treatments must always be performed by a qualified practitioner.

Although each Aquagold clinic may be slightly different, there are several popular ingredients that are often used in Aquagold Fine Touch micro-infusion treatments.

Aquagold Fine Touch is a single use sterile vial, enabling us to use our signature cocktail or design a bespoke cocktail dependent on each patients skin concerns / goals. The cost of the Aquagold treatment is determined by the cocktail, this may include ingredients like: Non cross linked hyaluronic acid, Vitamins, Growth Factors, Nano-peptide active ingredients, Autologous conditioned plasma, Toxins (Micro-toxins - this is superficial, no effect on muscle). Each Aquagold treatment is unique to the practitioner. 

  1. ADD Hyaluronic acid for super hydration, firmness, elasticity and texture. Superficial acne scarring can be treated with micro-hyaluronic gels
  2. ADD Toxins to shrink pore size and reduce sebum production. Reduces redness from rosacea and overactive capillaries. (Toxins used in Aquagold Fine Touch will have no effect on muscle, but reduces pores, sebum, restricts capillaries to reduce redness, your skin will return to you ‘normal’ after approx. 4 weeks. Dilute your toxin as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Then suspend the toxin formulation into 2ml of HA / Skin Ampoule / Vitamin etc. The amount of diluted toxin is 15-20 units.)
  3. ADD Growth factors to stimulate the skin for improved healing, ideal for use after laser treatments, growth factors help to maintain collagen levels.
  4. ADD Pigment reducers to prohibit the melanin response. Discoloration is reduced.
  5. ADD Vitamins such as vitamin B complex to improve the condition of the skin, help rosacea, acne, eczema, dermatitis, hyper pigmentation, sun-damaged, ageing and dry skin. Vitamin C+E complex to help prevent free radical damage, improve skin tone and texture, enhanced skin brightness for a more youthful appearance
  6. ADD Peptides for anti-ageing benefits and skin nourishment
  7. ADD Autologous Conditioned Plasma - Rejuvenates the skin by micro-infusing your own blood plasma into your skin, to stimulate cell growth and collagen production, improve complexion and texture.

AQUAGOLD fine touch is in a treatment category of it’s own - it is classed as a MICRO-CHANNELLING facial or MICRO-INFUSION facial. It is NOT micro-needling as many would think.

There are several differences between micro-channelling or micro-infusion and micro-needling.

  • Unlike micro-needling, the Aquagold micro-channelling treatment delivers ingredients before micro-injuries begin to heal
  • Micro-channelling treats evenly at a predictable depth
  • Very gentle, great for sensitive skin
  • Bypass the protective barrier of the skin for greater absorption
  • Treat more conditions via micro-infusion
  • Treat sensitive areas / closer to the eyes
  • Treat those who may be needle phobic
  • Natural ‘not had work done’ look
  • Plumping & tightening without the pain, downtime, reactions, breakouts or bleeding associated with other injection techniques.
  • Creates thousands of micro-injection sites
  • Also used for aging hands, neck and decolletage area. (This can be combined into one treatment).

Dependant on the ingredients of the Aquagold serum your clinicians chooses, the Aquagold fine touch can address:

-  Pigmentation

 - Acne & scarring (not active acne)

 - Fine lines & Wrinkles 

 - Enlarged Pores and Excess Sebum

 - Redness and flushing 

 - Brightening and lightening 

 - Clarifies and Refine

 - Hydrates and Rejuvenates 

 - Skin elasticity 

 - Hair Loss 

The Aquagold fine touch treatment can be had as often as every 4 weeks or as and when you want a skin nourishment boost! 

Some people may experience redness for a few minutes to an hour after being under the micro-infusion facial device.

AQUAGOLD Fine Touch Facial

  • Aquagold fine touch Micro Infusion – approx 275.00
  • Aquagold Micro Botox – 300.00

All treatment prices vary depending on diagnosis

What our clients say...

"I have had my first session of laser and I can't believe the difference 24 hours has made. The amount my spots have reduced is incredible. Wish I thought of doing some laser sooner. Pauline made it so much better as she was so detailed in what the treatment was going to be like. Highly recommend to anyone with bad skin to come to get it. Amazing." 

Naomi's – Acne Laser Facial Review

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