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Diagnosis of Skin

The treatment menu of all things skin that we treat here at Laser and Skin Clinic is endless; because we have such advanced equipment, including the surgeon, we have the ability to treat many skin lesions or 'lumps and bumps', in many different ways.

Carbon Dioxide LASER or Co2 treats:

Seborrheic Keratosis, Lentigo, Verruca's, Pigmented Lesions (Moles), Age Spots, Skin Tags, Intradermal Nevus, Papilloma's, Cherry Angiomas and Warts....just ask if your 'bump' is not on the list.....

Our Plastic Surgeon can surgically remove Cysts, Lipomas, Moles, Intradermal Nevus, and many more....

We offer a full compliment of treatment techniques such as; Co2 ablation, shave and excision, surgical excision and diathermy, however, the MOST important part of this process is DIAGNOSIS. Without a diagnosis we cannot treat, and neither should anyone else. The emphasis is on understanding the lesion, the documentation with a clear patient history, and a medical status with review of medication, and we offer all that here at the clinic.


  • Diagnosis and Assessment with Dermascope Images – 85.00
  • Biopsy – 150.00
  • Mole Screening full body – 250.00
  • Mole Removal – POA depending on method of removal
  • Cyst Removal (simple) – 375.00 - 750.00
  • Lipoma Removal (Simple) – 450.00 - 950.00
  • Seborrheic Keratosis – POA depending on method of removal
  • Lentigo – POA depending on method of removal
  • Warts and Veruccas – 65.00
  • Skin Tags – varies depending on number to be removed and area covered
  • Intradermal Nevus – 175.00

All treatements are carried out under Local Anesthetic for maximum comfort. All children must be accompanied by an adult

What our clients say...

Had my consultation today with Pauline, very professional and very informative. Will be returning for treatment. Would highly recommend...


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