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Palomar Lux1540 Fractional™ laser

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, or striae, are a form of skin scarring associated with pregnancy, obesity, puberty, and short-term weight gain from bodybuilding and other physical activities. They form when the dermis, the middle layer of the skin that maintains shape and elasticity, is stretched more than it can tolerate. Connective fibres in the skin eventually break, disrupting collagen production and causing scarring. This scarring may be treatable only through stretch mark removal.

Natural Stretch Mark Removal

Traditional stretch mark removal treatments include creams, lotions, and recommendations for regular diet and exercise. There are a wide variety of products available on the market for natural stretch mark removal. However, these methods fail to produce satisfactory results for many individuals, particularly those with old, well-developed stretch mark scars. In these cases, more involved medical treatment may be the only effective option.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

The dermis is the deepest and thickest layers of the skin and provides support, strength and elasticity. If the dermis expands too much or too fast, it can break, split or rupture. These breaks in the dermis cause stretch marks, also known as striae. The use of steroid medications can dissolve the collagen in the dermis and cause stretch marks without tension or pulling of the skin. The StarLux® fractional laser uses pulses of light to break down stretch marks and triggers production of new collagen. The new collagen can leave the stretch mark smoother in texture and less visible in appearance. Stretch mark treatment with the StarLux® laser is an option for all skin types. Palomar's patented Fractional Laser technology provides non-ablative skin resurfacing with no to minimal downtime. The Palomar Lux1540 Fractional™ laser is one of the more recent skin resurfacing technologies. It helps smooth the skin surface and improves skin discoloration.

Palomar™ 1540 fractional skin resurfacing treatments are effective only when performed in a series of sessions because each session treats only 20 to 25 percent of the skin. By treating micro-island of skin, the surrounding untreated skin drives the healing process, filling in the treated area with healthy, more youthful looking skin. The “fractional” treatment of the skin creates smoother skin without the long-term down time associated with traditional skin resurfacing technologies.

Combined with the EdermaStamp, a mesotherpy treatment, results can be amazing...

Palomar Lux1540 Fractional™ laser

  • Laser per area – £85
  • EDermaStamp – £175

Consultation is advised to determine age and quality of skin

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