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Vein Removal 1064 Nd YAG Laser

What are thread veins? 

Thread veins are tiny blood vessels which run close to the surface of the skin and look like fine red, or sometimes purple, wiggly lines. They're also sometimes called 'spider veins' or 'broken veins', although the veins aren't infact broken, only slightly enlarged. The medical term for them is telangiectasia.

Treatment should be sought sooner rather than later. Smaller thread veins are easier to treat. Later on they can be more difficult. Younger women could save themselves a great deal of time, trouble and expense if they opted for early treatment.

How are they treated? 

There are several options, lasertherapy, sclerotherapy or a mixture of both. Electrolysis is also used but this is far less popular now that laser treatment is widely available. Lasertherapy uses brief pulses of laser light to destroy smaller blood vessels. Several types of laser are used. A pulsed dye laser is best for thin red veins which are close to the skin's surface. Deeper blue or purple veins need a laser with a longer wavelength (YAG laser) to reach them.

You can also inherit a family tendency to the problem. Other causes include too much sunbathing, exposure to wind or extreme temperatures, cortico-steroid medicines and radiotherapy. Jobs that
involve prolonged standing may aggravate the condition, but they don't actually cause it. Although you may not like the look of them, thread veins aren't dangerous, but they tend to become larger and increase in number over time.

Is the treatment painful? 

It shouldn't be. Although laser destroys tissue by heat you won't feel any burning or pain. Each pulse is less than a thousandth of a second and the laser only works on the unwanted vein leaving other skin untouched. The sensation of a laser is often described as similar to a rubber band pinging against your skin. A local anaesthetic cream can be used.

How successful is it? 

You need to have realistic expectations. Some thread veins can be quite difficult to treat because they don't always run obligingly parallel to the skin surface. Some are like big dippers they go up and down and a laser light doesn't always reach deeply enough to destroy them. Veins in the lower part
of the leg, particularly the ankle area, are more difficult to treat  than those on the thighs. It's not normally possible to get rid of all the veins, but around 90 per cent clearance is common. You may require anything between 3-6 visits with a 4-6 week break in between treatments.

What about treatment for broken veins on the face? 

Laser can treat the fine veins that can appear on the nose, cheeks and chin and it's usually very successful. Often thread veins on the face are part of a condition called rosacea and additionally medication may be needed to control the problem.

Laser Vein Removal

  • Face Test Patch - essential – 35.00
  • Very small – £95.00
  • Small – £145.00
  • Medium – £205.00
  • Large – £295.00
  • Legs –
  • Small – £195.00
  • Medium – £275.00
  • Large – £355.00

Prices above are for a single visit. Discount given on multiple visits.

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