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FILLERS: JUVEDERM Volux, Volift, Voluma and Smile. Teosyl KISS

As your body ages there are a number of well-recognised changes in facial appearance.  These appearances develop as a consequence of surface skin damage, loss of ‘bounce’ (elasticity), tissue shrinkage and the constant pulling down effect of gravity!

The skin becomes rather dull or less “glowing” due to accumulated sun exposure or the effects of too many sunbed sessions.  The environment can have an unkind effect on the skin surface and brown spots or thread veins begin to appear.  Wrinkles (rhytids) begin to develop as the skin becomes thinner and less elastic (more ‘saggy’).  

Loss of tissue volume (‘shrinkage’) gives rise to significant change. The upper lip appears longer and the lips look thinner, perhaps the lipstick area reduces in size and becomes more difficult to define.  The corners of the mouth start drooping and despite feeling happy we begin to look sad!  

The tip of the nose starts to droop, our fat pads move downwards with gravity giving rise to jowls and prominent folds between nose and jaw line.  All tissues reduce in volume as we age.  If weight is lost the effects are accentuated and we become even more tired looking.  

We cannot replace bone or muscle, nor can we add skin but it is possible to disguise volume-loss and rejuvenate facial appearance (‘turn the clock back’) by injecting “fillers”.  Wrinkles may be softened; eyebrow shape refined; youthful looking cheek pads restored; tired eyes ‘boosted’ to look younger and fresher; nasal tip projection restored; lips plumped and lipstick areas redefined; jaw line redefined; jowls softened; downturned mouth corners lifted (‘Mona Lisa’ smile).  

The depth of injection will depend on the desired outcome.  Superficial hollows, depressions and troughs (for example some wrinkles) will require small volume, superficial injection of a thin, flowing filler which is easily distributed and shaped.  Restoring a youthful volume requires deeper large volume injections of a thicker, longer lasting filler that stays where it is placed.  

A number of fillers with differing characteristics and manufactured by reputable commercial companies are available within our clinic (for example Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse). Your practitioner will recommend which are most suitable for your needs, following careful discussion and consideration of the desired outcome.  We pride ourselves in delivering innovative treatments often based upon combinations of different materials. No single product can provide the best outcome in every situation.

You may benefit from a collagen stimulating filler that provides additional structural support through tissue regeneration. As collagen fibres mature they become shorter and generate a lifting effect.  This effect can be used strategically to generate lift and counter the continuing effects of gravity. When collagen is laid down at right angles to fine lines around the eyes and lips the appearance of these lines is reduced as can be seen in the management of “smokers lip”.

Your practitioner may recommend a hydrating filler (water absorbing) which expand slightly with time enhancing desirable effects, again suitable for treating fine lines around the eyes and mouth.  It is increasingly common for fillers to contain a local anaesthetic that ‘numbs’ the area as the injection proceeds reducing discomfort.   We are aware that some injections are uncomfortable.  Your practitioner will discuss with you the benefits of prior local anaesthetic injections or the application of numbing creams.

The most common fillers to be used are based upon a natural constituent of normal tissue, Hyaluronic acid.   Hyaluronic acid is one of nature’s building blocks, filling the spaces around and between skin, muscle and bone.  This connecting or ‘connective tissue’ contains collagen, blood vessels nerves and lymphatics.   In the body, naturally occurring hyaluronic acid is broken down and replaced every twenty-four hours and would not be suitable as a filling or volumising treatment.  In order to increase the time that hyaluronic acid will remain in the body it is chemically treated and stabilised to produce a material that will retain shape and volume.

Hyaluronic acid based fillers are not permanent as they are removed by the body’s natural systems. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage.  If the resulting appearance following injection is less than desirable the effect disappears within weeks.  If required the filler can be dissolved within hours by giving an injection of hyaluronidase, a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronic acid based filler.  Depending on the commercial preparation used, hyaluronic acid based fillers produce a recognisable effect for up to nine months although a typical client will need re-treating every four to six months to maintain the desired effect.

Commercially available fillers are subject to strict regulation and rigorous quality control.  Reactions, although possible, are very rare and relatively easily resolved by medical treatments.  Occasionally, inflammation may result as a reaction to the filler producing redness and swelling. Following assessment of your medical and skin condition and your experience of previous treatments, your practitioner may recommend an initial ‘test injection’ to determine your suitability for a specific product.  As with all injections there is a small risk of bleeding and bruising, initial swelling and discomfort which typically settles within a few days.  A small risk of infection is present that is why all injections should only proceed after careful skin cleaning and disinfection.  Your practitioner will only use sterile products delivered with careful attention to clean technique.  Please ask your practitioner to provide you with a copy of product information which should be read and if necessary discussed before undergoing treatment.  

Similar changes occur in the hands and the décolletage which often show age changes more severely than the face. Fortunately, these areas will also benefit from the injection of carefully chosen products.

An exciting new use of hyaluronic acid based fillers is to reinforce the cushion that protects the balls of the foot from the effects of pressure.  If you have pain in your feet when wearing high heels this technique may prevent discomfort, prolonging the time you can maintain pain free elegance!  

Product and starting prices

  • Juvederm – Price on Consultation
  • Restylane – Price on Consultation
  • Radiesse – Price on Consultation
  • Lip Enhancement – 165.00
  • Full Lip Enhancement – 165.00 - 250.00 depending on quantity
  • Eyebrow Lift – 175.00-350.00
  • Cheek and Cheekbone Restore – starting price approx 375.00
  • Chin, Nose and Structural Change – POA
  • Jaw Line – POA
  • Acne Filler – POA

Prices vary denpending on product type and amount used

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